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Posted. Nov 25, 2019

Evil Eye...What does it mean?

My four grandparents are Turkish and ever since I was a bebé I never left the house without my "ojo". It is believed to protect one from envious glances and ward of bad luck. The origins of the eye are Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean dating back to the 6th century. Now it's meaning is recognized by many cultures and wearing an eye pendant has actually become universal "trend". We have shipped eye pendants from our collection to many countries including Sweden, Singapore, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, India and Russia. People love jewelry that has a meaning attached to it.
I've designed many evil eyes in the past twelve years. I'm always inspired to design an eye that's simple, yet different. The most popular and traditional color for the protective eye is blue so I often incorporate turquoise and sapphires in my eyes. However, I do love choosing unexpected hues and stones like emeralds and rubies. My eyes (sounds weird right?) have been worn by Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Leandra Medine, Halle Berry, Chiara Ferragni, Jessica Alba, Aimee Song and many other influencers and celebrities. My personal faves are the Danai which is modern and simple and the new Tal necklace, which I consider to be vintage inspired and the perfect piece to layer with simple gold chains. The original Eye I designed is the simplistic Nazar (now available in enamel too) and I'm eternally grateful that it has protected me and my own bebé, my career. In fact, I still don't leave the house without my ojo.