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Posted. Jul 04, 2018

July 4th Beach Getaway

I think my exact thoughts were “never say never” when I packed not one - but two body chains for our family's 4th of July getaway.  I hadn’t thought of myself as a body-chain-wearing woman, but I designed one too many not to keep a few for myself! It’s funny how you can go from never to always when it comes to fashion trends.  And right now, it’s an always for body chains. They can make everyone look instantly cooler.  If body chains were a person, confidence would be her dominant trait.  I mean, Beyonce is a body-chain-lover...doesn’t that tell us something? She just piles them on (and on and on). Bey struts in her sexy body accoutrements around the beach like she owns it. And you know what? She DOES own IT! And now, I own it too!