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Posted. Mar 02, 2018

Tourmaline & the Power of Green

Green. That's the color I'm gravitating towards in 2017. And, I'm extremely partial to deep, "army" green, the green that has dominated outerwear for a few seasons. The green that claims I'm strong and nothing will stop me is found in camouflage gear and also in Kanye's new collection (sorry neutrals there's a new kid in Kanye town). If a top is available in black, white and army green, I'll take the green before the black and that's pretty unexpected from me. That's why I introduced green tourmaline for the first time in my Jennifer Zeuner jewelry collection. I love how the green toned jewelry, especially necklaces, are still dainty yet a little more edgy than their turquoise counterparts. The trillion green tourmaline Scout necklace is currently adorning my neck. I love the unexpected in fashion and the tourmaline triangles are certainly new and fresh. I'm also playing favorites with our green dangling marquise Ingrid necklace (also on my neck). The contrasting tonal green necklaces look "cest magnifique" together. And, no need to be green with envy.  These will all be available at many retailers Zeuner (sorry had to) than later.